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What is Freeze Drying?

At AiOra our aim is always to provide supplements of the highest quality and efficacy, which means  preserving as much of the natural nutrition in our raw materials as possible.

Freeze drying is a specialised form of drying that is especially well suited to ingredients we use in our products because they contain a multitude of essential nutrients and biologically active compounds that can be sensitive to harsher forms of drying.

Here’s the science behind it…

The raw materials for our products are blast frozen, locking in all their goodness and then dried using the special process of freeze drying.

Freeze drying enables water to be removed from biological products by going directly from ice crystals to water vapour, without melting, a process known as sublimation.

Doing it this way means we protect the cellular structure of the starting raw material, making the dried product as close to its natural state as possible.

This all happens under a vacuum at very low pressure, which means we are able to use lower temperatures during the drying process (think warm gentle breeze rather than raging furnace). This also helps to preserve the natural nutritional value in the products.

The finished products are very dry, making them extremely shelf stable (read our blog on shelf life here for more information on that) and able to deliver their nutritional benefits for several years.

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