Shelf Life and Stability of AiOra Products

Shelf Life and Stability of AiOra Products

All AiOra products are carefully manufactured by us, in our own purpose built facility in beautiful Ōtautahi Christchurch, using natural raw materials gathered from high quality growers around New Zealand.

We’re proud of being the only nutritional supplement producer using 100% natural New Zealand ingredients, but that’s not the only thing that makes our products stand out.

Not only are we not adding anything artificial into our AiOra ingredients, we’re also not removing anything natural either, except for one very important thing; moisture.

Removing moisture from our products is critical to their stability. It is the presence of naturally occurring moisture which shortens shelf life and makes food and nutritional products prone to spoilage. 

By removing virtually all the moisture from our raw materials, not only are we providing you with a more concentrated form of the product, we’re also making it extremely shelf stable and safe to consume for many months - and years in some cases.

Our gentle processing technique of freeze drying carefully removes the moisture that is naturally present but leaves all the other great nutritional components behind so that you can enjoy their full benefits with confidence.

So, even when our products are approaching their best before date, or have gone a little past it, they remain safe and effective to use.

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