How Boh Runga uses 5th Quarter to get stage ready

How Boh Runga uses 5th Quarter to get stage ready

AiOra Ambassador and Creative Director Boh Runga regularly takes 03 Beef Liver and 05 Cartilage Collagen as part of her wellness regime, and with an upcoming show at Spark Arena, she’s added new 5th Quarter Respiratory to get her ready for the stage.

“With winter comes the acute awareness of how vulnerable I am as a singer especially in the lead up to performing. I have the pleasure of being one of the featured vocalists in the upcoming Synthony Pride show with Auckland Philharmonia. Along with my other AiOra regulars I am embracing new 5th Quarter Respiratory as part of my regime leading up to my performance. I’m eating well and doing all I can to keep myself healthy so I can give the audience my best performance on the night”.


5th Quarter Respiratory supplys important vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and proteins to support respiratory organs.

Dealing with environmental pollutants like smoke and dust can take a toll on respiratory function. Compounds like surfactant, that are naturally present in lung tissue, and the immune supporting properties of thymus, play a critical role in helping your lungs work at their best.

5th Quarter Respiratory and Immunity are the latest additions to the 5th Quarter range to help you feel your best this winter.

Synthony Pride takes place at Spark Arena, Auckland on Saturday August 3rd 2024. You can find more information and buy tickets here.

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