Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take more than one AiOra product at the same time?

Absolutely. AiOra targets a wide range of everyday health issues, from gut problems to joint health and everywhere in between, so you can take any of these supplements together to target the areas you need to. Because AiOra supplements are food derived, they do not react with other products.

Do I need to take AiOra with food?

No. Because our supplements are all made from food sources, you can take the recommended dose any time of the day, with or without food.

Can I open the capsule and sprinkle the powder on my food or in my smoothie?

It is up to your preference in taste. Some of our products will taste better than others so the most popular and convenient way to consume them is by capsule form.

I want to try AiOra products but I am on medication for an existing health condition. Can I take these?

Because our AiOra products are food derived they do not react with other medications. However, while we have full confidence in our products, if you have existing health issues and are concerned about it, we recommend you consult your healthcare professional before taking any new supplements.

Can I take AiOra products if I am pregnant?

We recommend you consult your healthcare professional before taking any medication or supplements while pregnant.

Are AiOra products suitable for kids?

Guidelines suggest children under 12 should not take capsules due to the choking risk, but you can sprinkle the contents into food or smoothies depending on their taste preferences.

Where are your products made?

All ingredients are grown in New Zealand and its surrounding waters. These premium raw materials come to our state-of-the-art facility in Christchurch, where they are gently processed to get the best out of them. Everything is done in New Zealand, from the growing to the manufacturing and right through to the encapsulating process. We use high tech freeze-drying and extraction methods.

What is freeze drying?

Freeze drying is the process of removing the moisture from our fresh New Zealand ingredients at a low temperature to maximise their nutritional value.

Are your products GMO free?