Turbo Boost Your Digestion This Festive Season

Turbo Boost Your Digestion This Festive Season

Nobody likes feeling like they've overeaten, but it's inevitable for many of us over the festive season.

At this time of year, thinking about ways to support your digestive system process what's likely to be a higher than normal workload could help ease the discomfort.

Kiwifruit contains unique enzymes, called actinidin, that specialise in helping to break down the proteins in our diet, like those found in meat, fish, chicken, eggs, dairy products, even Christmas Ham.

AiOra 01 Kiwifruit Extract is a great source of actinidin, as well as both soluble and insoluble fibre which is really important for digestive health and keeping you regular (not the most festive of subjects, but important none the less!).

And while most of us know the importance of including lots of fruit and vege in our diet only around about half of New Zealand adults, and 44% of children, are eating the recommended amount daily*.

Of course we don’t want to encourage overeating, but if you feel your digestive system could use a turbo boost over Christmas, or at any other time, AiOra 01 Kiwifruit Extract can help to enhance protein digestion, boost beneficial gut bacteria and improve bowel function.

AiOra 01 Kiwifruit Extract is carefully manufactured to maintain the highest levels of naturally occurring actindin activity. It’s also a source of other helpful things like soluble and insoluble fibre and anti-oxidants making it a great supplement to include in your daily routine all year round - not just during the holiday season.

If you have a history of allergic reaction or if you have any ongoing concerns about your digestive system discuss with your GP prior to taking AiOra 01 Kiwifruit Extract

*Findings from the 2018 / 19 and 2019 /20 New Zealand Health Survey

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