Six Health Benefits of Blackcurrants

Six Health Benefits of Blackcurrants

It may be small, but the New Zealand blackcurrant punches above its weight when it comes to nutritional benefit.

Supporting eye health, immunity, muscle recovery, blood flow, managing inflammation, promoting brain health, fighting free radicals and lowering blood pressure – the blackcurrant benefits list goes on.

This little superfood has a wide range of health and fitness benefits. But how often do you actually eat blackcurrants? Enter 02 Blackcurrant Complete.

This concentrated extract provides all the benefits of blackcurrants in one concentrated capsule, which is the equivalent of eating about 60 blackcurrants.

New Zealand-grown blackcurrants are renowned as the best in the world. Our climate, high UV light levels and clean air provide optimal growing conditions, which leads to a higher anthocyanin content and their deep purple colouring.

Anthocyanins are powerful antioxidants that do the grunt work when it comes to supporting your health. We use a complex process that works by extracting the best parts of the blackcurrant resulting in 10% anthocyanin content. The blackcurrants that make AiOra 02 Blackcurrant Complete are grown in South Canterbury.

So, why should you take a New Zealand blackcurrant supplement?

Increases blood flow and lowers blood pressure
Research suggests blackcurrants have the ability to increase blood flow by widening the arteries and blood vessels to help improve circulation and lower blood pressure. In turn, this can increase blood flow to the muscles to help them recover from high intensity sport, a leisurely walk or just tired muscles from everyday tasks. The eyes are made up of tiny blood vessels and are reliant on blood flow, so blackcurrants can also help reduce fatigue that can come with looking at computer screens all day.

Sport performance and muscle recovery
This increased blood flow also has a positive impact on sports and muscle recovery by strengthening the cardiovascular system to improve exercise. A study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition by Plant & Food Research and Auckland University scientists found blackcurrants improved sports recovery and performance. According to the meta-analysis, which included nine clinical studies, consuming New Zealand blackcurrants one or two hours before could improve sports performance by 0.45% compared to a placebo.

Cognitive function and overall brain health
International research using New Zealand blackcurrants has also found they have high levels of a key brain nutrient – cyclic Glycine-Proline (cGP). This nutrient normalises the Insulin-like Growth Factor-1, which is key to overall brain health and wellness. It decreases with age, and the study found blackcurrant supplementation helped increase these levels in the body.

The high levels of Vitamin C in blackcurrants support immunity. In in years gone by hot blackcurrant drinks have often been dubbed a remedy for colds because the Vitamin C would help boost their immune system. Blackcurrants contain more than three times the amount of Vitamin C as in an orange.

Blackcurrants contain gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which is a type of Omega 6. This is said to help manage inflammation in the body and help ward off injury or infection. Some studies suggest this is good for reducing joint or muscle pain, while also boosting immunity. Other research indicates blackcurrants may help reduce reactions from allergies such as hay fever.  

Reduces oxidative stress
Studies have found the antioxidants in blackcurrants may alleviate oxidative stress, by fighting against damaging free radicals. Oxidative stress can lead to chronic illness.

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