Research into potential joint and muscle benefits from Greenshell Mussel

Research into potential joint and muscle benefits from Greenshell Mussel

Could mussels be the answer to sore muscles? A research project called “Musselling Up 2.0” is hoping to find out.

The research is continuing the work of a previous study, which found that Greenshell™ mussels were beneficial for knee joint health in pre-clinical trials. 

The Cawthron Institute, working with Plant & Food Research, Massey University, and Sanford Ltd, will be conducting two new trials looking into the role of Greenshell™ mussels in reducing inflammation and muscle pain after exercise, and on reduction of chronic pain associated with osteoarthritis.

Research lead Cawthron analytical scientist Dr Matt Miller said the health and nutritional benefits of Greenshell™ mussels was “underestimated”, and the research could boost its value.

“In previous studies we observed the protective effect Greenshell™ mussels can have on animal cartilage, and we hope to see similar results in the ‘Musselling Up 2.0’ human trials,” he said. 

He said it was already known that Greenshell™ mussel products could reduce inflammation, but this trial would be looking at inflammation and “novel biomarkers” indicating reduced inflammation in human plasma.

The first trial, looking at inflammation caused by exercise, will be undertaken by Plant & Food Research, looking at the effect eating mussels had on the post-exercise muscle recovery of healthy men between the ages of 18 and 40.

The second trial, looking at chronic pain, will be done by Massey University, looking at the effect mussels had on inflammation, joint cartilage degradation, metabolic health, and joint pain in middle-aged women with a BMI higher than 25.

Massey University Professor of nutritional physiology Marlena Kruger, overseeing the chronic pain trial, said the pre-clinical results were “encouraging”.

“We’re well-placed to look at how Greenshell™ mussels might improve chronic inflammation in humans,” she said.

The research was supported by seafood company Sanford Ltd. Miller said it was “fantastic” to have the support of Sanford, which was providing funding and Greenshell™ mussels for the trials.

Sanford general manager of innovation Andrew Stanley said the research matched the company’s aims for mussels to be valued for more than simple food. 

“Historically as an industry we’ve been focused on scaling up food production, but in recent years we have expanded our focus and we’re intent on seeing greenshell mussels recognised internationally for their bioactive and nutritional value,” he said.

AiOra 06 Greenshell Mussel Extract is made from 100% New Zealand Greenshell Mussel powder. Greenshell or Green-lipped Mussel is recognised as one of the most effective joint and mobility ingredients available on the market today.

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