Boh Runga AiOra Ambassador

Meet Boh Runga, AiOra Creative Director and Ambassador

As we launch our exciting new 5th Quarter range, we are also equally excited to officially welcome musician and jewellery designer Boh Runga as AiOra’s Ambassador and Creative Director.

Her name is now synonymous with creative design, but anyone who owned a radio in the early 2000s also knows Boh Runga for her musical talents. As the front woman for stellar* Boh became a multi-platinum artist with the release of their debut album, Mix. 

Boh worked behind the scenes as the creative director on the AiOra logo, brand and packaging and says joining the AiOra team as an ambassador is an authentic fit.

With Māori and Malaysian-Chinese heritage, Boh’s creative ventures have always been inspired by her upbringing, her family, and the natural environment of Aotearoa.

Growing up, Boh’s mum Sophia regularly brought home the ‘5th Quarter’ to cook for her family.

Like many asians, Sophia has cooked and eaten animal glands and organs her whole life.

With Boh’s busy life and many hats, sourcing and cooking these kinds of products isn’t on the cards for her now. Even when Sophia cooks for Boh, tracing and finding quality products can be hard.

AiOra 5th Quarter makes it simple for Boh to enjoy the real benefits of glandular products with none of the tough stuff.

While jewellery is her main gig now, Boh still finds time for music, most recently returning to the studio with her rendition of Aretha Franklin’s, ‘Rock Steady’ co-produced with P Money. She is also building a recording studio and live room at her home in Kumeū which she will open up to other New Zealand musicians to record in.

You’ll be seeing a lot more of Boh as she helps us bring the stories of AiOra’s ingredients, suppliers and products to you. 

Discover the 5th Quarter range

With band Stellar* in 1999 

Inside her flagship jewellery Bohtique in Auckland

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