How Beef Liver Boosts Your Complexion

How Beef Liver Boosts Your Complexion

Liver - it might not be your “go to” supplement when looking for ways to boost your complexion, but taking a daily dose of AiOra 03 Beef liver will provide some extra goodies that your skin will love you for.

Beef Liver is a great source of Vitamin A, an essential vitamin and vital for healthy skin. In fact, liver is natures most concentrated, natural source of well absorbed preformed Vitamin A (also known as retinol).

Vitamin A has antioxidant properties meaning that it helps protect cells (including skin cells) against the damaging effects of oxidative stress from the likes of UV rays, smoking, and environmental pollutants.

And it's not just your skin that will be thanking you, Vitamin A is also important for supporting normal immune function, eye health and reproduction too.

But Vitamin A is not the only skin friendly thing in AiOra 03 Beef Liver. It also supplies Hyaluronic acid which is involved with collagen formation and skin hydration. It too has those all-important antioxidant properties to maximise our fight against damaging free radicals.

Boost your complexion this year by adding Beef Liver into your daily routine.

Please note - if you are pregnant please consult with your lead maternity health care professional before taking Aiora Beef Liver. Too much Vitamin A is not advisable during pregnancy.

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